The idea of celebrating the transhistorical body of Christ is not new. Jesus followers from the earliest years of the church remembered notable people who died as martyrs or who made special contributions to the life and development of the church.  This website continues that tradition.

Many people in our era have lost a sense of history for several reasons. Modern people disdain the past since science is the leading edge of an unfolding future. What’s more, people have attention spans that make it difficult to take in worldviews that aren’t in the bubble of their newsfeed. As a result, many people are mostly interested in their own, personal history, see it as all they have to work with, and don’t feel the need to deal with other history makers.

Christianity has a high view of history. It’s basic message starts with God joining history in the person of Jesus. It’s scriptures are stories or collections of historical documents. Up until the present era, it saw itself as an ongoing, developing faith with a common begining and a mutual ending. Those sureties are fracturing in an age of personal truth. We hope this website contributes to preserving a larger picture.

We will keep collecting stories of notable saints (like you) who reveal the work of God’s Spirit in the past and inspire us to follow in the Lord’s steps, like they did. You’ll see their entries on their death day or their traditional feast day. After our first year of posts, you’ll have a whole collection to which you can refer. We’ll keep adding to it and refining past posts. We will also highlight the development of the Christian calendar which marks the common beliefs and hopes that make the Church a distinctive culture in the world, transhistorically and, in our time,  transnationally.

We hope you’ll make comments, ask questions and add what you know. You may want to add a person to our list or highlight a tradition we have overlooked.